Seminars, Training and Groups Offered to the Public

Family Life Resource Center offers seminars, workshops, therapy groups, and support groups to the public. The following offerings are available on a regular schedule. Please call 540.434.8450 for scheduled times, costs and to register


Polishing Our Parenting Skills

Five-week course offering help in becoming more confident and effective parents. The text used is Common Sense Parenting available at the class.

Marriage Maintenance

This five-week seminar is based on the book Lasting Marriage: The Owner's Manual will concentrate on the four areas of problem solving with each partner taking responsibility for the appropriate area.

Assertiveness Training

This is a six-session course to increase communication effectiveness. Topics covered include: Relationship Enhancement - art of encouragement; to receive compliments; to express love and affection. Self-protective Assertiveness - to disagree with someone comfortably; to state your own feelings and beliefs; to express anger and deal with another's anger appropriately; to say no without feeling guilty; to give and receive feedback.

A Picture of Healing: Group Therapy with Visuals Arts

This new support group will use the dynamics and principles of group therapy coupled with expressive art techniques to promote healing and growth for persons experiencing emotional pain and/or trauma. This support group is eight-sessions.

Co-Parenting: Two Parents, Two Homes

The class assists parents in focusing on the responsibilities of parenting from separate households and how to keep children out of the middle during custody, visitation, and child support negotiations. Topics covered include: acceptance of different parenting styles, communications, negotiation, recognition of the needs of children, and examination of the impact of conflict on children.


Group designed for children who have experienced parental separation, divorce, or other changes in family structure.

Grief Training for Clergy and Congregations

Clergy, lay leaders and congregation members learn about the grief process and effective ways to provide bereavement ministry and support within their church community.

Learning About Anger through the Use of HEALS

this six session course increases understanding about the role of anger in your life, core hurts underlying your anger, and a specific technique to HEAL your hurts. The required text is “Manual of the Core Value Workshop”.

Defeating Anxiety

this six session psychoeducational class will assist participants in understanding the influence of thoughts on one’s mood. Specific techniques will be reviewed to provide the participants with a toolbox of strategies when dealing with anxiety.

Do I Have Attention Deficit Disorder?

This is a three session group that explores the nature of ADD/ADHD and strategies to help you work to maximize your performance.

Families Coping with Addiction.

This four session course focuses on the difficulties families face and how to cope when a family member has an addiction. Session titles include: What’s wrong with this picture?: defining addiction, identifying various addictions and understanding addictive behavior; Who are the players and why do I have to play this game?: focuses on identifying and understanding codependency and the role of enabling in the family: Fencing your yard: focuses on setting appropriate boundaries and detachment from addicts; and Help, throw me a life raft before I drown: focuses on self-care and survival techniques for the family.

Basic Congregational Care

Lay counselor training in caring for basic congregational needs.

Engaged Couples Training

Program utilizing inventory, counseling and educational program to help couples identify areas for growth, build on strengths and communicate more effectively.

Recovery of Hope for Marriages: Intensive Marital Therapy Program

This is a three day marriage intensive with two counselors working with the couple. The approach to therapy is using Emotionally Focused Therapy that is based in Attachment Theory. The goal would be to help couples that are feeling a hopelessness about the future of their marriage to attempt to take some significant steps forward in a brief window of time. See the attachment for more information.