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The FLRC works from a faith-based perspective.

Counselors at Family Life Resource Center (FLRC) are committed to helping people pursue health and wholeness as individuals and in their relationships. We work every day to be true to our name - Family Life Resource Center.

Family Life Resource Center is a 501c3 nonprofit counseling agency meeting the behavioral health need of individuals, couples and families.


The Family Life Resource Center provides professional counseling and services for growth towards hope, health, and healing. In support of our mission, we will:

  • Provide professional counseling

  • Assist in individual, family, and marital problems

  • Provide consultation and resources for pastors,
    students, and congregations

  • Provide education and resources for early identification of
    problems requiring intervention


The following qualities matter most to us:

  • We reflect our commitment to professionalism by employing credentialed counselors who are committed to the highest ethical standards.

  • We welcome all faith perspectives, but have professional experience working within Christian Faith.

  • We value integrity because such qualities as honesty and trustworthiness help in the healing process.

  • We value collaboration; internally because it builds the unity of our team, and externally because helps us better serve our clients and community.

  • We express compassion because it helps create a safe environment for growth and change.

  • We believe hope is a cornerstone of healing.

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